2014 - The Year Ahead, 2013 - The Year Lookback

2014 - The Year Ahead, 2013 - The Year Lookback

A very happy new year to all my readers. The excitement of making resolution in new year's week is practically irresistible. So here I am. This post is for myself more than anyone else.

Resolution - This year's gone be different


It feels like only yesterday when I wrote a similar resolution post last year. What I can say? Time flies very quickly, often so quickly that there is not enough time to accomplish all resolutions. That was story of last year.

Personal highlights

Personally, 2013 was best year I ever had. In November, I became a dad to a lovely little angle named Miina. My wife and I are having fun of our life playing with her, soothing her and making her sleep. Having said that, she made me realise that life is so precious and gifted.

I managed to stick with most of the personal resolutions from last year except the writing frequently.

Professional highlights

I spent a lot of time playing with marketing technologies and solution architecture. In 2013 I made some big changes and realised that I can still break-out of my comfort zone.


This year I have decided that there will be no resolutions, but only goals. Most importantly, each of them will be very specific and measurable. Seriously, I cannot afford to miss these goals.


My family, my health and my friends matter most to me this year. I may not be able to read, travel or party a lot this year but that's ok.

In 2014, I am adding some new good habits and planing to ditch some old and bad ones like poor eating habits.


  • Running at least 4 days a week 2.0KM per day or 8KM a week. That will be total around ~400KM in 2014.
  • Balanced and less eating to loose weight at least 0.5 KG a month. That will be total around ~6KG in 2014.
  • Writing more frequently and regularly, 1 post a week. That will be total around ~ 50 posts in 2014.
  • Curating topic notes in Evernote more frequently and regularly, 1 note per working day or 5 notes per week. That will be total around ~ 250 notes a year.


Unlike last year resolutions, this time I have very specific professional goals in my mind.


  • Become a AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level.
  • Become TOGAF 9.1 Certified (Part 1 and Part 2).
  • Attend AEM Developer Training.
  • Build one small web app a month.
  • Present at least 6 talks in 2014.
  • Complete DevOps Book (still 60% to go).

In addition, I am intended to focus following areas this year,

  • Marketing technology (WCM, experience management, search and display ad technologies)
  • Solution architecture (SOA, design patterns, frameworks, best practices, integration)
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