This website is about all things technology, product, and engineering leadership authored by Abhishek Tiwari. It covers a variety of topics including but not limited to technical architecture, cloud computing, data architecture, software engineering, algorithms, data engineering, big data, machine Learning, artificial intelligence, devops, continuous delivery, microservices, product management, people leadership, etc.


Abhi is an experienced product and engineering leader with demonstrated competencies across multiple verticals including but not limited to SaaS, E-commerce, Retail, Media, Ad-Tech, MarTech, and Bioinformatics. He played a pivotal role in the development and scaling of several SaaS products and digital platforms with an Annual Run Rate (ARR) of $100M+/year.

He has a proven track record of building, growing, and leading large geographically distributed high-performance engineering, data, and technology teams (up to 100 people) with a strong focus on culture, delivery, and innovation. Abhi truly enjoys mentoring and coaching managers and individual contributors.

Abhi offers a delicate balancing act that ensures his teams are staying ahead of the technology curve (streaming pipelines, pub-sub, multi-cloud, microservices, Kubernetes, service mesh, serverless, deep learning, NLP, AI, IoT) while delivering products and business outcomes in a very fast pace environment.

He helps organizations to develop and scale the culture of DevOps, Developer Experience, and continuous delivery which enables them to excel in key indicators of overall software delivery performance. Abhi has been part of several major successful transformational initiatives and greenfield projects but he also has a fair share of failures.

Abhi is passionate about building, scaling, and leading high-performance engineering teams with a great focus on culture and innovation. He practices servant leadership and he helps his teams to realise their full potential by creating an environment of trust and safety where everyone takes extreme ownership. Hem is committed to the personal and professional development of individuals in his teams.

Last but not least, Abhi provides product management, and software engineering leadership to his teams. He is a tireless advocate of diversity in tech, open-source, operational excellence, and continuous improvement. He regularly writes on his blog and speaks at various forums.

An orchestra is a great example of a high-performing team


Abhi currently works for Amazon as a Senior Software Development Manager. At Amazon, he leads the CloudAuth engineering organization in New York.


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