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Abhishek Tiwari

Hi there, My name is Abhishek Tiwari (ティワリ アビシェク). I am a hands-on technologist and an engineering leader with a polymath background. I was trained as a computational biologist, started my career in computer-aided drug R&D, moved into bioengineering to apply computational modeling to physiological systems, and now I work on all things data and product.

I build real-time polyglot applications with big data in the cloud. I enjoy working on complex problems and provide elegant but scalable solutions. I offer a delicate balancing act between bleeding edge technologies ( microservices, serverless, polyglot persistence, real-time analytics, machine learning) and delivering technical products to provide real business values.

I am really passionate about building, scaling, and leading high-performance engineering teams with a great focus on culture and innovation. I am a servant leader and I help my teams to realize their full potential by creating an environment of trust and safety where everyone takes extreme ownership. I am committed to the personal and professional development of individuals in my teams.

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This website is about technology, architecture, and engineering leadership. Here you can find my thoughts and opinions about a variety of topics including but not limited to technical architecture, cloud computing, data architecture, software engineering, algorithms, data engineering, big data, machine Learning, artificial intelligence, devops, continuous delivery, microservices, etc.


This is a personal website and all opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my current or previous employers or partners I work or worked with. For questions about this website, please contact Abhishek Tiwari (abhishek at abhishek-tiwari.com).


I am CTO and Founder of D3 Metalab - a product foundry which incubate and launch scalable platforms and web services. We help companies to technologically scale their existing products using a balanced use of new emerging technologies, architecture patterns, and engineering best-practices in a cost-effective way.


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