Going Static

Going Static

Proud to say that this blog is now written in Markdown using iA Writer, generated by Jekyll static blog generator and hosted by Amazon S3 which costs me less than 1$ a month.

Over the years I moved my blog from Blogger to Wordpress to Self- hosted Wordpress to Scriptogram and finally to Jekyll/Amazon S3.

In case you want to migrate to Jekyll generated static blog content hosted by Amazon S3, you can find more technical details here.

I have been using Dreamhost for my web hosting requirements for nearly 3 years and one thing which really annoyed me was website uptime which was mostly less than 98% with one downtime everyday. Not bad actually for a blog. But after recent migration to Amazon S3 I had no downtime in last 2 weeks and I am expecting a uptime of 99.999999999% (eleven 9s) if not 100%.

Top of that, with Markdown I don't have to deal with HTML markups and I can focus on things that really matters - writing.


Here is recent monthly report from Pingdom, better than I expected.

Pingdom results after going static

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