Proud to say that this blog is now written in Markdown using iA Writer, generated by Jekyll static blog generator and hosted by Amazon S3 which costs me less than 1$ a month.

Over the years I moved my blog from Blogger to Wordpress to Self- hosted Wordpress to Scriptogram and finally to Jekyll/Amazon S3.

In case you want to migrate to Jekyll generated static blog content hosted by Amazon S3, you can find more technical details here.

I have been using Dreamhost for my web hosting requirements for nearly 3 years and one thing which really annoyed me was website uptime which was mostly less than 98% with one downtime everyday. Not bad actually for a blog. But after recent migration to Amazon S3 I had no downtime in last 2 weeks and I am expecting a uptime of 99.999999999% (eleven 9s) if not 100%.

Top of that, with Markdown I don't have to deal with HTML markups and I can focus on things that really matters - writing.


Here is recent monthly report from Pingdom, better than I expected.

Pingdom results after going static