Introducing Axioms

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Introducing Axioms

I am thrilled to announce the early availability of Axioms - a financial-grade identity and trust management platform. Axioms enables organizations to protect their apps, devices, and APIs against unauthorized and untrusted access using our fully-managed SaaS offering. We believe that  identity and trust are two major blind spots in cybersecurity and we are on the mission to fix it using our standard-based platform assisted with the powerful built-in automation and machine learning smarts.

Cybersecurity has two major blind spots – identity and trust

We started working on Axioms in the end of November last year and the very first line of code was written in December first week. Since then we have made massive inroads to build a robust standard based authentication, authorization and access control platform. We now have a large number of SDKs and starters available via our Github account to enable frictionless integration of Axioms authentication and authorization in apps and microservices within a matter of hours.

We have some really ambitious and aggressive plans for next 3-6 months but for now, we are inviting early adopter to try and test our platform and provide us with some valuable feedback. If you are interested in trying Axioms please reach me out via email or any other channels (LinkedIn and Twitter).

Abhishek Tiwari

Abhishek Tiwari

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