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Roles vs Jobs

It seriously turns me off when organisations are unable to differentiate between a role and a job. Talking about this confusion, Scrum Product Owner probably one of the most misunderstood roles these days which unfortunately many organisations advertise as a job. A job describes what...


Organizational debt

Organizational debt is a sibling of technical debt. While technical debt is unhealthy and generally a well-understood problem, organizational debt can be killer and often treated as an afterthought.  The term "organizational debt"  was coined by Steve Blank, defined as the accumulation of...


Introducing Axioms

I am thrilled to announce the early availability of Axioms - a financial-grade identity and trust management platform. Axioms enables organizations to protect their apps, devices, and APIs against unauthorized and untrusted access using our fully-managed SaaS offering. We believe that  identity and trust are...

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