Marketing Technology

A set of tools, patterns, and platforms that digital organization needs to effectively accomplish their marketing goals.


Adobe AEM: Good, Bad and Ugly

After working with Adobe AEM and several other JCR backed content management systems in last few years I have realised that there are a lot of mis-conceptions about Adobe AEM. As matter of fact, brain washing is quite common these days when Adobe AEM is...


Digital Experience Delivery Platforms

A recent report by Forrester Research on digital experience delivery platforms has named Adobe and Hybris as leading strong performers. Adobe was recognised for its web experience management suit which includes content management, digital assets management, targeting and personalisation capabilities. Hybris was acknowledged for the...

Marketing Middleware and Data Layer

Term "marketing middleware" was recently pioneered by marketing technologist and blogger Scott Brinker (at least in context of marketing technology). Search for term "marketing middleware" on web leads to Scott Brinker's posts on Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic and Tag management software...