This blog is reloaded- in terms of theme, content and target audience. For regular readers and visitors of this site/blog, this is a drastic change. If you came here looking for a bioinformatics and system biology blog then you will be fairly disappointed.

Recently I made a career choice to move away from active research. In an attempt to reset everything I decided to remove most of the old content from this site.


From now onwards, new theme for this blog will be technology, ingenuity and experience. To be honest technology was always a major focus of this blog.

I will still write about big data, cloud computing, visual analytics and software development. I will also reblog some of my old posts with some new context.

The Change

So what’s changed? Well nothing really but domain knowledge – rather than bioinformatics and system biology I will be tempering with retail and e-commerce.

I am out here to solve some interesting real world problems. These problems are highly challenging and complex in nature. This blog is my opportunity to share my new journey and experience.

Personal And Opinionated

In it’s new avatar this blog will be more personal and opinionated. When I say personal, I mean lessons from my own experiences. When I say opinionated, I am going to be dogmatic about whatever I write. Having said that, I feel like writing more and more. So time to time there will be random notes which will be hard to categories.

So behold for a new insightful blog.